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Our Capabilities
Financial Planning
Our firm provides comprehensive goal based financial planning services to help people achieve their financial goals. A financial plan is a road map to systematically achieve one's life's financial goals by proper management of one's finances.

An example of financial goal is Funding your Child's higher education. Here the financial planner can help you determine how much you should invest and where (asset allocation) so that 12 or 15 years down the line when your child wants to pursue higher education, you have sufficient corpus to fund his higher studies.

Similarly – Example of other financial goals are: Retirement planning (i.e how to maintain the same standard of living even after retirement when your income stops but expenses keep on rising due to inflation and rising medical expenses), Planning for daughters marriage, Financial planning to buy your dream house or your dream vacation, or accumulate corpus to start your own business etc.

The major areas that are covered in a personal financial plan includes: Cash flow management, investment planning, tax planning, retirement planning, evaluating employee benefits for salaried, risk management and insurance planning, estate planning (making of Wills , trusts etc) etc.

It includes analysis of your asset, liability & cash flow situation and making net worth and projected cash flow statements.
Wealth Management
Family wealth office offers and advices on well rounded portfolio of products like equity share broking, PMS (portfolio management services), Structured products, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), Real Estate Advisory, IPOs, Mutual funds, Corporate FDs, all types of general and life insurance products from all insurance companies, Ulips, Capital gain savings bonds, Tax saving bonds, NCDs and other debentures, Small saving schemes like PPF, NSC, Senior citizen savings schemes etc.
Estate planning & philanthropic planning
Estate planning means planning for efficient and effective transfer of wealth from one generation to the other. It includes making of "WILLs" or setting up "TRUSTs" etc. We integrate estate plan with tax, investment, business and insurance planning and hence is a part of your comprehensive financial plan. We also provide philanthropic planning like setting up & operating charitable trust etc.
Financial reporting, portfolio review & Coordinating with other advisors
Since we operate as "dedicated team of professionals" (CFPs, CAs, Lawyers etc) & because of the back office nature of our firm, we are able to coordinate & collate data from your different wealth units like – Your Accountants, Other wealth advisors, Lawyers, CAs etc. We reconcile all your assets from small savings schemes to insurance , mutual funds , structured products etc and generate periodic financial report so that you can track all your investments, compare performance of your existing wealth managers and use these reports to get big picture view of your wealth which in turn helps in strategic decisions like asset allocation etc. Also periodic review will ensure that you are on course to achieve your investment objective as per your financial plan.